While conversing with other parents at a summer gathering for incoming Muhlenberg College students back in 2007, our discussion focused on how we would get our new freshman back and forth from Massachusetts to Allentown, PA. Airfare was expensive with no direct flights from Allentown and public buses made frequent stops including a connection in New York City, thus making for long travel times. We discussed the possiblilty of carpooling or renting a van to help share in the 12 hour round trip journey.

That began the search for alternatives for safe and comfortable transportation. I started researching bus companies and decided to charter a private bus for my daughter's Thanksgiving break. A small group of families shared the cost of the trip and it was very successful. The students were happy as I designed the pick-up locations to be as close to their dorms as possible. We parents loved the convenience and comfort of knowing our students traveled home and back to campus safely.

I then sought out the help of the college administration. We posted information. Word of mouth started to spread and I continued offering the service for every break during that year. We took a look at where the New England student body lived and added a stop in NY and CT to accomodate students from other states on route to and from Massachusetts.

Our daughter Molly found this to be a great way to meet other New England students and travel home together. She absolutely loved the convenience of boarding right on campus. She has now graduated but I am thrilled to continue to offer this transportation option to you. My Bus Home is servicing the needs of students from other colleges also.

I pride myself on personal service and I am always available by e-mail or cell phone to answer any questions that you may have.

I hope you enjoy the trips--welcome aboard!