"Our family loves Betsy's convenient, reliable and reasonably-priced "MyBusHome" service!! The buses are comfortable, safe and reliable and Betsy works with the students to ensure that pick-ups are well-timed and in convenient locations. It's so easy for our son, who's at Lafayette, to grab however many things he needs to bring home and simply hop on the bus a few steps from his dorm or last class. With this bus service, we don't have to worry about taking time off work to make the 200-mile roundtrip drive or having our son deal with all his gear and the vagaries of public transportation."

Linnet T. and John F. (Lafayette parents)

"As a freshman without a car My Bus Home has made my 5-hour trips home from school consistently pleasant. Sitting in a coach seat next to friends for the ride tops a cramped car with frustrated parents who constantly stop for directions; the convenience is incredible. My Bus Home picks me up at a stop close to my house and drops me off right near my dorm room. Each time I have taken the bus I have actually gotten home or to school faster than I would have with my parents driving and I have arrived in a pleasant mood thanks to everything the bus has to offer."

Sally M. (Franklin & Marshall student)

"What a great service! It saved us 20 hours of round trip driving, two vacation days from work and a ridiculous amount of gas money. Our son was picked up by a luxury bus from a convenient location on campus at the University of Rochester and dropped off practically at our door in Easton, Pennsylvania. We can't find any reason not to use the My Bus Home service."

Patti and Dennis P. (URochester parents)

"My Bus Home is a great service. The stops are located in convenient locations and the buses are always on time. It couldn’t be easier to arrange a one way or round trip ride, and the prices are always fair. The bus company hired has extremely friendly drivers that are willing to help students with loading and unloading their luggage. I would highly recommend My Bus Home to any student that is considering it."

Elise W. (Lafayette student)

"My daughter rides My Bus Home to and from school to Massachusetts on all school breaks. It’s proven to be a safe and reliable way for her to travel. With fellow students for company it’s a comfortable carefree way to travel (Wi-Fi included). No need to drive or arrange transport to the airport, bus or train station. Easy online reservations and payment with Betsy make it the best, most inexpensive way to go. I couldn’t live without it!"

Debra v. T. (Muhlenberg parent)

"Freshman year when we dropped our son off at Lehigh, he turned to us and said "How am I going to get home?" Imagine the horror, we had no idea! My bus home has been a life saver for us these past 3 years. It is not easy to get to a train,bus or plane from Lehigh to Boston. With the simple click of a mouse, I can book my son a seat to and from school for all major holidays and vacations. Practically door to door service. What a relief. Betsy, we cannot thank you enough!"

Mary T. (Lehigh parent)

"Both my parents work and don't have two days to drive me up to Rochester and then come back. Gas prices are rising, flying is tedious and expensive, and trains aren't exactly comfortable or convenient either. I'd much rather sit in a comfortable seat, listen to my iPod, and go to the bathroom whenever I want. It's even better If you're the type who likes to travel with everything you own. Personally, I can fit everything I need in a single duffel bag, but I have to worry about my guitar. It's a pain to carry, and I don't trust anyone else to handle it. Fortunately, My Bus Home solves both of those problems. All things considered, it's by far the most efficient way for me to travel."

Dan L. (URochester student)

"I just wanted to let you know how fantastic it is to have the "My Bus Home" service available for going to/from F & M. Sam has used it several times and it's not only extremely convenient, but reasonably priced as well. Thank you for making us aware of this service. I hope it continues as it's working out so well for our family."

Liz D. (Franklin & Marshall parent)

"I've taken the bus home to CT since freshman year and each bus ride has proven wonderfully convenient, for both me and my parents. Not only is it faster, but it saves my parents driving all over creation to bring me home and me the hassle of getting to a bus station."

Megan P. (Muhlenberg student)

"I am writing as a parent of a Junior at Ursinus College in Pa. My oldest son went to F and M and graduated four years earlier. I wish My Bus Home had been around at that time. Pa is just far enough away that as a Mass parent I have generally not had the time to drive my college age kids back and forth to school. Flying can be very expensive and making the arrangements getting back and forth to the airport can be a real hassle. That is why I have really loved using My Bus Home. It is incredibly convenient. The student boards at their school and then six hours later, they are dropped at a convenient location in the greater Boston area. The price is more than reasonable, the coaches are very comfortable, and essentially it is door to door service. Also the piece of mind is very important since I have never liked the idea of a group of college age students driving, often distractedly, back and forth to college. Kudos to My Bus Home. It gets a five star rating."

Kyle C. (Ursinus parent)

"I can't say enough good things about My Bus Home. Betsy makes it easy to get to and from college. When you live in Maine and have at least a seven hour ride to school, having the reliability of My Bus Home completely alleviates the transportation issue for me. I can always count on an email from Betsy in plenty of time prior to an upcoming school break letting me know the bus schedule and checking in with me about my final exam schedule so she can plan the bus schedule accordingly. My Bus Home has been great, and I know my parents are relieved to know that I always have a guaranteed trip back to the Boston area."

Josh B. (Lehigh student)